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Write it down in your diaries dear friends. On Saturday May 6, we will celebrate our 40th anniversary with a concert in our land, Cangas do Morrazo, at the Xosé M. Pazos Auditorium accompanied by a bunch of guest artists, who apart from being great friends, are a very representative part of the musical scene Galician now and forever; and that we will reveal to you little by little in the coming weeks. On that special day, we will take the opportunity to record what will be our next album. We are waiting for you all. It will be a very, very special day.

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"Baixo a luz de Breogán"


           IT'S HERE...!!!

"Baixo a luz de Breogán", our new album full of rock and tradition. 14 themes with which we hope you will enjoy making them as much as we do. We hope that this new work will be able to bring together the heritage that centuries of history have given us, and that with the help of our friends at Luar na Lubre we can give it shape and print that Celtic touch that lends us so much.

            The work is now available on all digital platforms, and for those of you who prefer physical copies, they will be available throughout the month of May.


             We continue on our way...


Track: Camariñas

Album: Baixo a luz de Breogán

Date: 2022

Collaborated: Rocío Seoane Bra, Alberto Rodeiro Francisco, Manuel Carballada. Thanks to Astrid Souto, Fernando Moledo, Ángela Jorge Meijide, Piki, Anxo Blanco, Javier Magariños, CC A Ponte Vella, Eva Vilas, Cristina Teo, Vicky Avendaño, Adán Rodal, Arturo Igrexas, Vituco Neira.


Track: Negro caravel

Album: Baixo a luz de Breogán

Date: 2021


Audiovisual project produced and realized by Astarot. Based and set on the poem "Negro Caravel" by Rosalía de Castro, included in his work "Cantares Gallegos". Recorded and edited in its entirety in the Comarca do Morrazo in the summer of 2021.


          Josito Porto, Amanda Maneiro, Markinhos Drinkin.


            Thanks to: Astrid Souto, M. Carmen Portas, Mercedes Buján, Sociedade Recreativa de Calo, María Jesús Fraga, Fernando Moledo, Eva Vilas, Cristina Teo, M. Victoria Avendaño, Marcos Elías (Piki), José Luís Souto, Antonio Traba, Sei San Narciso, Montserrat Puime, Vituco Neira, Kike Goyplasón.


Track: Chove en Santiago

Album: Baixo a luz de Breogán

Date: 2021


         Audiovisual project produced and realized by Astarot. Based and set on the poem "Madrigal a cibdá de Santiago" by Federico García Lorca from his collection of Galician poems

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