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  Astarot was born in 1983 in Cangas do Morrazo.

   En 1989 recorded at the Musitron studios of Madrid his first vinyl "Donde se hospeda el pasado", with the production of Alfredo Garrido. En 1990 the group was a finalist in the Pop-Rock Gordons contest, organized by the radio network 40 Main and held at Oh de  nightclubMadrid, after submitting along with seven hundred groups. As a result of this competition, they start playing in the program La quina marcha, de Telecinco

   En 1994 they recorded the second disc "Respirando", edited for Spain e Portugal. It was produced by Astarot and José Manuel Tasende, recorded at the Cormorán studios of register.

   The third disc is Apuesta y gana. Also recorded at Cormorán studios, it includes for the first time two tracks en Galician.

   The fourth disc is shared with the band The Refrescos. It is an experimental record, without many pretensions, recorded entirely in Galician. In the presentation of this disc, en 1998, joined with Milladoiro at the 75th birthday party of Real Club Celta de Vigo, sharing poster with Carlos Santana.

   The fifth disc is O sentir dunha terra. It is the group's consecration album, and serves as a tribute to Galician musical culture, with rock and roll versions by all kinds of authors. It has collaborations like Suso Vaamonde, Los Tamara, Mini (A Quenlla), Susan SeivaneFuxan os ventos, Javi (Heredeiros da Crus), Saraibas or Xocas.

   The sixth album is Longa noite de pedra, where poems by great Galician authors are set to music, like Rosalia de CastroCurros EnríquezCelso Emilio FerreiroBaldomero IglesiasBernardino GrañaMendez Ferrín, Castelao or Dario Xohán Cabana.

    In 2012  the group began to prepare its seventh album in the Musitrón studios in Madrid, with the production of Alfredo Garrido This new work, Séptimo Pecado, is based on the group's own compositions, without neglecting the tributes to the music of their homeland. The album is made up of eighteen tracks, the biggest recording project undertaken by Astarot to date. The work has the collaborations of Rosa Cedron, Joaquín Padilla and Jose Luis Garrido.

   In 2015, the DVD "Fusion" recorded in a joint concert with the Banda de Música Bellas Artes and Coral Lestonac, in front of 12,000 people, was published.

   In 2017 they published, Una vida en un segundo,  a double work with 13 unreleased tracks + 8 Galician classics. Astarot flirts with symphonic rock by including a string orchestra led by the Venezuelan David Moreira in many of its songs. Portentous themes, middle tempos and ballads typical of classic rock.

    2022 Astarot presents the album 'Baixo a Luz de Breogán' to celebrate its 39 years of musical journey as one of the reference bands of Galician rock accompanied in several themes of the Luar na Lubre group printing a fime Celtic character.

   In this new album, the band wanted to pay tribute from the world of rock to authors who marked Galician language literature, such as Rosalía de Castro, Federico García Lorca ,  Xela Arias or Celso Emilio Ferreiro, among others.


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